1. Initial Login

Open the link below:

The following screen appears:


Figure 1: Initial login screen

Enter your CSUN User Id for username and CSUN’s password.

The following screen appears:


Figure 2: Personal information screen

Provide the information in the fields marked by red . The format of CSUN’s student email address has one of the following formats:,,,

where x, y, z are digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. The email addresses of the form or are for instructors only.

You can also provide a valid email address different from CSUN’s email address, however, make sure you can access your INBOX and your INBOX has no imposed restrictions on email addresses that can be received in your INBOX.

When you are done, select Update profile button.

The following screen appears:


Figure 3: Confirmation screen

At this stage you should receive email in your INBOX (for the email address you have just entered) with the subject: Confirmation of email update at Math Dept Moodle.

You cannot proceed further without opening this email !!!

This is only confirmation message, your email address will NOT be changed; it will only be registered in Math Dept Moodle.

If instead you select Continue button, the following screen will appear, reminding you to open the link in the email sent to your INBOX. If you made a mistake or want to change something, click on Cancel email change and start again.


Figure 4: Change pending screen

The email you received looks like this:

Dear  ,  

You have requested a change of your email address for your  

user account at Math Dept Moodle. Please open the following URL in  

your browser in order to confirm this change.
After opening the provided link, the following screen appears:


Figure 5: Email address updated

Select Continue button, and you get back to your profile screen.


Figure 6: Profile screen

Finally, selection of Update profile button (this step is optional) will take you to Moodle’s profile screen for your account where you can update your personal information, upload your picture, etc.


2. Course enrollment

Open the following link:

and login to Math Dept Moodle using your CSUN User Id for username and CSUN’s password.

If you are not yet enrolled in any Math Dept Moodle course, the front page of Moodle lists all available courses. Select the course: MPT Preparation 2011. The following screen appears:


Figure 7: Enrollment screen

Enter the enrollment key: mpt-prep-2011. Selecting Enroll me in this course button will take you to the course.

If you are already enrolled in at least one course, after the logging process you will see the list of your courses. If you want to enroll in an additional course, use Search courses field to find the one you are interested in, or select All courses to see the list of all available courses.